Thursday, December 22, 2005

Well Well Well.

Its non stop excitement around at my place..

this week alone..

Our arpartment was flooded with sewage water...

and our replacement washing machine is now faulty again as well!!! that's right the first one we had was broken and now the replacement is faulty as well.. bugger using NEC washing machines ever again...

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Retravision experience:

I recently bought a new home and have not had any troubles at all with anything in regards to getting setup in my new home... that was until I decided to buy something from Retravision Bankstown...

What a Joke! Seriously this was one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever come across.

I purchase an FP Upside down fridge and also a NEC 1065 washing machine.

Now let me begin to explain what happened.

Two weeks before I moved to my new place I called to confirm that we could have delivery on Saturday the 26th of Nov, as this was the day we were moving in. I was promptly told that Retravision do not deliver to that area on a Saturday. My first question is why hadn't I been informed of this during the purchase after giving them my address details that day. Retravision Bankstown informed me that they only deliver to the Sutherland area once per week and only a Friday, which is a normal business day for us 9-5 people. I don't believe it to be an unreasonable expectation to have a fridge delivered on a weekend as this would be when most people do there home stuff anyway.

I decided that it would be easier to go and get the products on the Saturday myself after Retravision was NOT able to meet my expectations for delivery. Retravision did their part and refunded me the delivery cost and we picked up the products as agreed. So far only a minor inconvenience.

After getting the products inside and unpacking as instructed by the boxes. I setup the fridge no worries it’s a great fridge and I like it. Then we setup the washing machine.

During the first use of the washing machine I came back into the washing room to find an E8 being displayed on the machine.
I looked up the manual and did not find anything to do with that error. So I called NEC and was advised that it was stuffed.

I then called Retravision whom said that would need to have someone to come out and actually inspect the washing machine to see if its actually broken. I was given a choice of 2 service repairers in Sydney and had to call and organise them myself
I called the repairers and was advised that someone could come out the Friday. The guy from Sydney Home Appliances came out and took about 5 mins to find out the machine was in fact broken and should bee classed a DOA as this would cost to much to fix.

This is when I called Retravision back and said that it was dead and we would like the machine replaced. I was advised that there were none in stock and that I could have the floor model... I declined the floor model as this is technically now a factory second and to offer us a factory second without further discounts or a value added service is a joke... it was agreed that a new washing machine would be ordered.

Last Tuesday I called to get an update and was told the washing machine was still on order and should arrive on Wednesday.

Wednesday I was called by Retravision and asked when i wanted delivery... I said Saturday because that's when I wanted delivery. I was then told we can only deliver it this Friday or the next Friday... (You I found that funny because the guy actually asked when I wanted delivery and then I was told only those specific days. why ask that question in the first place)

Then I was told 33$ for delivery... what a joke.

We have now paid for delivery of a replacement washing machine that was faulty in the first place. Where are your value added services? I find it unbelievable that we had to pay for the replacement of a faulty washing machine. Again what a joke.
The replacement washing machine has already done 2 loads (there is 2 weeks of washing built up. I was on my last clean pair of work pants as well!! )

So in summary I am very disappointed and agitated by my experience with Retravision for the following reasons.

Issue 1:
Retravision was not able to meet what I think to be a reasonable deliver request. If you can't deliver to a specific place upon request (a whole day I didn't care what time) you should of done a lot better by telling us during the purchasing process.

Issue 2:
It took over 2 weeks to get a replacement washing machine when the first one was DOA.

Issue 3:
You charged us to replace a faulty washing machine... if you guys had a chance to redeem yourselves this would of been the perfect opportunity. You could of said as a value added service and in place of your inconvenience we have waived the delivery fee in you case. I would of been perfectly happy with that.

Issue 4:
When the replacement washing arrived my girlfriend were told by the delivery “I had been told that this had been a bit shit fight and that we are trouble makers and I have to get the money off you”

I have tried to be as honest as I can in this feedback in the hope that you can better your customer service and business practices because at the moment I find it very hard to recommend any products and services from Retravision in fact its very easy to let story be told and let my family my friends and my co-workers make up there own minds about purchasing any products and services from any Retravision.

Friday, December 02, 2005


I supose i should update this blog now that i've moved in to my new home..

But then again...

Monday, October 17, 2005

Lets make it offical.

Well its about time we make this offical. well this is a offical as it going to get because a few people do read my blog once in a while. (I have stats to prove this!)

I bought a home! yippee now i deck it out with all kinds of yuppee stuff like a couch and a popcorn machine (I don't even like popcorn much).

i have a few surprises for the home... i don't think any home is ever ready for joe to move into...
in fact i don't think our neigbours are prepared for Joe yet either.

Joe's apartment will not be like this

However it may end up looking like this!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Spaceballs!!! Oh Crap there goes the planet....

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- Scared-stiff astronomers have detected a mysterious mass they've dubbed a "chaos cloud" that dissolves everything in its path, including comets, asteroids, planets and entire stars -- and it's headed directly toward Earth!

remember if you want to point something out use lots of THESE and also lots of !!!!!
And some of "these" and Use words like everything in path!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Mozilla Firefox for Web Browsing

A new update again today to the Aussie IT blog

CSIRO - Total Wellbeing Diet

Ok, peoples i may get a few funny looks when i mention the word diet and Joe in the same sentence... because you see i've always been a skinny rake of a person. But this book isn't as much about dieting its more about eating well to live well. (joe is currently about 83 kg's which is perfectly healthy for me)

Joe's diet is ok but could be improved a little bit. with the help from this book I think i'll be able to eat a little better from day to day.

for people interested in lerning more about this you can buy the books from any book retailer or you can download some of the sample recipes from the net.

You can also read some comments from what others have said about this book here.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Big 26 and the big 200

Well, well, well. Look at this its my birthday today and this is alo my 200th post!

I never really thought that i would update my blog so much... it just seems the best place to have a winge about anything i like..

Thanks to my gf whom went me a birhtday message your 16 your now in your late 20's i'm old..

I don't think i'll be doing to much tonight in the way of celebrations... might go round to dad's with a few steaks of course with marinade.. you can't have a steak without spicing it up!!!

Joe's magic steak marinade..
Soy sauce
BBQ Sauce
Garlic (lots of)
Lime or Lemon
pepper and salt (add these as you start to cook)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Joe's Thought For Today

"You know when you see a dog asleep and you see there paws are moving as though they are running in there dreams.

I've often wonder to myslef. Could pick up that dog and put him on his feet and would the dog walk straight into a wall? "

Big Summer Weekend Campout - Bonnie Vale

Location: Bonnie Vale (Roy Nat Park Bundeena).
Date: 29th - 30th October.
Cost: $8 PP Per nite
Notes:RSVP's esentl. . Fri &OR Sat availble if you want.

Ok people here we go again, its about time someone organised a massive campout weekend again... since its been a while we'll make it nice and easy for everyone bonnie vale out in bundeena. Remember last time? Big fire? big Piss up? and bloody wicked storm.

you must let me know if your interested in coming as i'm looking at booking for 20 people ATM

For more info on the Bonnie Vale Site click here!

there are showers available and toliets as well... besides its only 1 or 2 nights.

So let me know vis phone/e-mail if your interested!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Testing the waters with a new blog

I know not many of the people who read this blog will get it but i've created a new blog centralised around computer stuff and IT...

just one more place for me to bitch and moan about things in IT that piss me off

and to launch i've created 2 simple articles..

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Attn fellow blog users.

Check some of your comments on your posts some poeple may be using your comments to spam you and other readers of your blog.

Blogger has advice on this subject and you can stop automated systems from posting to your blog by Turning on word verfication

What this does is to prevent automated systems from adding comments to your blog, since it takes a human being to read the word and pass this step.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Canon 5D Preview

Check out the preview of the Canon 5D at DP review.

The EOS 5D is unlike any previous digital SLR in that it combines a full-frame (35 mm sized) high resolution sensor (12.8 megapixels)

By 'full frame' we mean that the EOS 5D's sensor is (virtually) the same size as a 35 mm negative, this means that lenses used on the camera will produce the exact same field of view as they would on a 35 mm film camera (as they were designed).

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sick once again

I have a cold once again! Farkin hell.

I hate colds... uncontrollable fits of coughing and lack of sleep.

I'm taking cough syrup with pseudoephedrine (sue-do-ef-a-dreen)which means I’m not hungry during the day. At least with the cough syrup I feel like I’m floating on water. But then again not to have a cold would be best...

I’ve done nothing at all pretty much all week long... I’ve just sat at home except for Wednesday when I decided I should go to work. I lasted until 12 until I was sent home by my boss!

And you know what? I reckon I received this cold from cityrail... tangara trains aren’t great at moving air about and they become incubators for flu and cold spawns...

If you are sick the solution is simple DO NOT CATCH MY TRAIN.... you know who you are... (Although I doubt you even read my blog) If you want to share something with the population go round giving dollar coins to people... you'll get smiles from people instead of my death stare after you cough up a lung onto the seat in front of you.

Anyway I’m sick and now I play the waiting game to get better. Back off everyone I’m drugged up and infectious.

p.s yes this post was created while on a sue-do-ef-a-dreen high.

Master Mind The Evil Game

I know this is a double post of a photo, but I couldn't help it. In the photo I seem a quite confident and hiding something in my hand... right that's the easy part of the game... i have the code and Nathan has to try and break it. Easy done... Nathan’s pretty good at guessing combos and revealed my secret code pretty quickly.

Now my turn...

You would think me being a computer guy it would be fairly easy for me to see codes and combinations? Yeah right... when playing this game all I could see was 64 different combinations all at once... ARRGHHHH I have 12 guesses to get a 4 colour code correct... this seemed all to much for me as I can't figure this out... my head melts and goes in to surrender mode where I can only see 63 combinations left after one guess. AHHHHHHH... fuck I hate this game... you'll never see me playing master-mind ever again... I felt exhausted after 3 games.

How about a nice game of lemmings? Now that's cool fun...

The worst game in the world..

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Joe's Retort.

In reference to Rissi's World post about "Maitanence".

ah to be a guy...

get up... shit, shave, shower..

all done..

no beauty bollocks.

in and out in 10 mins..

post end.

You lazy boy

Nice road

See! I do use my roof racks!

Stop revive survive

Warm, So Warm

Got Macro?

I hate this game

Wax on, wax off

Don't move


What is that on my back?

Fuck you Thredbo!




More Snow


05 Snow Trip!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Bloody council workers...

Just read rissa post, good work except she used a swear word or two, i noticed the obsseen use of the word "wedding".

hmmm nothing else much to say... so i'm outa here...

or am i? brain has gone fingers are still here..

Brain: why are my fingers still typing words on the screen arn't they sick of typing all day long? maybe there just trying to get a work out or something? who knows. who cares... i think those fingers of mine will get tired soon and stop writing this bullshit i'm reading on my screen...

ohhhohhh fingers taking over..

Fingers: we now have control of your typing Joe, don't try to stop us becasue there's ten of us and only one brain.. we have the numbers

Brain: well i think you actually have eight fingers and 2 thumbs but who's counting.

Fingers: shut up.. we can still beat you.

Brain: as if, i control you fingers and you are not going to take over...

Fingers: Watch me.. i mean us. watch us..

Brain: you haven't done anything yet...

Fingers: just you wait.. don't ever fall asleep brain. then we'll get you remember and you can't stay awake forever!!! hahaa

Brain: fingers can't laugh..

Fingers; we can't talk either but you don't seem to mind.

Brain; shut up..

Tune in next week as our freind the immuine system decides that joe is in fact a virus and therfore causes a self destruct sequence that causes a massive implosion...

can joe's brain save him from self destructness? an will joe's fingers really take over when joe sleeps....

tune in next week.

hmm maybe not i'll be at the snow..!!! cheers everyone!

Monday, July 11, 2005

You read this! Now you can't unread it!

Not much to post today... just keeping in touch...

be happy,smile :)
and if you can't smile fart somewhere and blame it on someone else.

Monday, June 20, 2005

I've got all the time in the world and i still can't be botherd posting.

Or spell checking for that matter.

Anyway life seems so busy that i don't in fact make any time to post... yeah right... i've got all the time in the world but can't be stuffed.. tis such an aussie thing to seem really busy but in fact the only thing you end up doing on the weekend is playing grand theft auto on the modded xbox...

at least there is the snow in the next few weeks and a week off work after we all come back.. somthing i call the recovery week.

when i come back from the snow i think i might have to organise a camping trip... good ole fashion piss up and a fire... its always good value. just don't forget the beer and a can opener or we're all stuffed..

if you think a weekend camping trip might be a good idea e-mail me a and we'll get it organised.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Outsourcing, Good for business but what about Australia?

Outsourcing seems to be all the rage at the moment in and across most industries but what effects does outsourcing have on the rest of Australia?

lets take a look a few things that happen when outsourcing happens;

- People/staff get laid off
- These people stop earning money for while and for the industry that they are in becomes more competetive.
- Other employers can barter for lower wages becuase of the competition for jobs.
- The money that would normally go to the australian employees then leaves Australia therefore providing more money to other countries than australia. this provides more power to others while making Australian's poorer.
- The product or service that this company sells is downgraded due to employee disatisfaction (usually).
- The company that outsources usually loses product knowledge.

So on a grand scale how does outsourcing help?

in my view its doesn't i believe its makes other countries richer while making us aussies poorer.. the poorer Aussies are the less spending money we have and the less markets the companys have because there are less people who can afford to buy products

so why outsource? well to make you company more profitable in the short run without thinking of the future.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Sim City 5000

More City Art

City Art + Vespa

Find Joe!


The alleyways are where you'll find the best food and shops

Lil gusto... good food here

Again TRAM!

Lookout Tram!

Need a new coat of paint?


Take Photo! Take Photo!

How warm and inviting does this look.. pitty they only let me take one photo.

Luna Park Melbourne