Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Big 26 and the big 200

Well, well, well. Look at this its my birthday today and this is alo my 200th post!

I never really thought that i would update my blog so much... it just seems the best place to have a winge about anything i like..

Thanks to my gf whom went me a birhtday message your 16 your now in your late 20's i'm old..

I don't think i'll be doing to much tonight in the way of celebrations... might go round to dad's with a few steaks of course with marinade.. you can't have a steak without spicing it up!!!

Joe's magic steak marinade..
Soy sauce
BBQ Sauce
Garlic (lots of)
Lime or Lemon
pepper and salt (add these as you start to cook)

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