Thursday, February 09, 2006

Shityrail and the merry-go-round

This morning I Decided to call Shityrail to find out about what happening with the trackwork between Sutherland and Kirrawee.

So i called 131500 to find out.. the lady i spoke to there didn't know what the words 'Track duplication' even meant. she did however give me the corporate phone number for shityrail.

so i called shityrail and found my way to a lady on reception. after explaining what i wanted to know she was quick to refer me back to call the 131500 number...

Farout... i just want to know if they are laying tracks through my lounge room or not.

i'm now on hold (10+ mins) while the reception lady found someone one for me to talk to

ok so the receptionist at Shitrail Corp just gave me a link to a website that doesn't exisist..

but with the power of GOOGLE!!! i was able to find the rigth site.

I spoke to jorjina from the Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation whom seemed to know alot more about what's happening..

the Project is currently waiting on an evionmental impact assesment and when that is complete the results will be show at the local Libary and sutherland council.

I'm also on the e-mail lists for updates and news regarding this project..

So the lesson here? persistance pays off... keep going for it and you'll eventually get the information you want. now i can sleep easy until august when the contruction begins. Or at least until i findout about how much noise there will be.