Monday, October 16, 2017

Nexus 6P battery issue

I had two active Nexus 6P's that were used daily and then over a course of about two weeks the batteries started dying and the phone would turn off at 70% and then wouldn't turn back on until a charger was plugged in. a quick google search for the issue showed I wasn't the only one.

I returned both phones for service only to be told that the phones are fine and that it's a software issue, not a battery issue. I was told the next update would fix the issue. I hardly see how the next SECURITY update is going to address a physical battery defect.  Especially since this phone was at the end of it's supported update cycle from google.

I ended up using my consumer guarantee to get full refunds because the batteries only lasted a year and bit.

The funny things were this had been the best phone I'd ever used. They were perfect for my use and just worked and worked until the battery issue.

I'd put this down to a case of a great product with crap company service.

Now I'm on to the search for a new android phone

RIP Nexus 6P where you end up. (probably resold after someone manually changes the battery)

This is also a perfect case for why we should have user changeable batteries

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Going back in time in Android

So my Nexus 6P crapped out with the same fault all other nexus 6P's have been having (battery dead). This means I had to borrow a loaner phone from someone to stay connected over the weekend.  I've now switched to a Samsung Note 1

Things I miss or that have improved since the Note 1:
- Fast 4G.
- A notification light
- Camera night photos
- The speed of the phone (it takes 2 minutes to load Google Maps)
- Being able to say OK Google, do my bidding.
- Being able to load several apps at a time without the phone slowing to a crawl.
- Newer OS
- Fingerprint reader

After 3 days with the Samsung Galaxy Note 1, I am ready to microwave the damn thing.

3G is very slow and the phone was even slower.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Could we land a Raspberry PI on the moon?

There you go. Don't just launch it into space hit the big cheese the sky. Land a fricken Raspberry PI on the moon.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

The setup time myth of Camper Trailers

"It only takes around 40 minutes from start to finish"  is what I was quoted when I asked before buying my first soft floor camper.  In reality, it can take from 1-2 hours from arrival to comfort.

I would imagine the setup process for a Jayco Camper would be different. If you do have a Jayco camper please detail the setup process I would like to compare the two as I am looking to upgrade to something faster

This is how I imagine the speeds of setup would go if placed in order from slowest to fastest setup

- Softfloor Tent
- Hardfloor Camper
- Jayco Style Camper
- Regular Tent (for long stay)
- PopTop caravan
- Regular Caravan
- Trailer home.

Let's go through the actual process for a typical setup. Arriving at 4 PM summer (night fall at 7-8PM)

Stage 1 Arrival:

- Arrive at the site, get out of the car and stretch after being in the car for hours. Wife is assigned to manage the 3 kids while I plan out the site configuration.
- Unpack bikes and scooters to occupy the kids
- Survey the site to find where to setup camper.
- Reverse camper into position with assistance.
- Jockey wheel down and disconnect trailer.
- Shuffle trailer into final position, then apply the handbrake.
- Rear stabilizers down and locked in
- ensure trailer is level.

Stage 2 Unpacking:
- Unzip tent cover from the camper.
- Drag the Tent Poles, Tent pegs and guy ropes, Side and front Annex canvas, Annex floor, fly cover and ladder off the top of the trailer. place items in a logical area for use later
- Layout tent poles logically (Inside poles and Annex poles and outside poles)
- Get hammer out

Stage 3 Setup Main Tent: (After this part, you should be sweating)
- Start pulling the tent off the trailer and climb inside and start setting up poles and spreader bars.
- Peg down the tent
- Pull Annex cover down off the roof (we leave it attached to save time)

Stage 4 Setup Annex Roof:
- Start finding the support pole locations and install
- Find vertical support poles and spreader bars (with the flat ends) and start constructing the annexe
- Install spreader bars across the annexe

Stage 5 Annex Floor and walls:
- Drag Annex floor into place
- Connect Velcro walls.

Stage 6 Peg down tent and annexe

Stage 6 Upack kids sleeping area:
- Unpack and setup kids beds.
- Unpack sleeping bags and place on bed along with the pillows

Stage 7 Adult bed:
- Unpack sheets and sleeping bags and pillows. Make Bed

Stage 8 Lighting:
- Turn battery ON
- Unpack LED Lights and wire up the camper.

Stage 9 Dinner & Chairs and Fridge:
- Unpack BBQ and GAS and setup for dinner.
- Unpack Chairs and Fridge.
- Unpack food and dinner plates cutlery etc.
- Cook and eat

Finally, relax until you need to pack up.

There are a few tweaks and tips to make this setup process faster.

- Sort your Poles into 3 bags, Inside Outside and Other. Label the bags with texta
- Sort the other poles away from tent (PVC pipe holder or in the tray)
- Get some additional help to set up. The division of labor always helps.
- Not going to use the canvas walls for the annexe? get a tub and store them inside the tray.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Electricity plans are just like Mobile phone plans from the early 2000's when data came along

Here you go, for the next 3 months use as much electricity as you want and then we'll send you the bill (and only give you 2 weeks to pay it). What if I want to see how much electricity I'm consuming per day? You can't do that.

Seems a little unfair to me.

I can look up my mobile data plan at any time and see how much data I have left. Why can't we do the same with our electricity plans?

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How to calculate percent increase

Increase = New Number - Original Number

% Increase = Increase / Original number * 100

For example;

So if your train journey takes 26 minutes and a slower train takes 42 minutes

Increase = 42-26
Increase = 16 / 26*100
Increase = 61%

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Friday, August 04, 2017

How to fix Google Nexus 6P microphone issues

Friends were complaining that I sounded very distant or muffled when on calls on my  Google Nexus 6P. A quick google search later I found many posts with similar issues and various solutions that didn't work for me. Funny thing was that speaker calls were fine it was only when using the handset against my ear people complained.

On the first visual inspection, I couldn't see anything wrong with the mic. It wasn't until I put the mic under a strong magnifying glass and a bright LED light that found there are 2 very slender slots that were very clogged with gunk.

The 2 slots (each side of the mic bar located 5mm from the right side of the mic area) are roughly 1 -2 mm across and could only be cleaned with a thin sewing needle. Once properly cleaned a few test calls showed that people thought I had bought a new phone.

I'll try to source some high res photos to explain what slots I mean.

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