Monday, February 26, 2018

Carnival Legend: How to make cruises great again

Carnival Legend: How to make cruises great again:

Dear Scott,

 I believe your opinion of Carnival is gravely misplaced.

 Personally, I can think of plenty of other things worse than a cruise holiday.  I travelled on the Carnival Spirit last year and I did not find our family of 5 packed into like sardines at all. I found my holiday pleasant and the staff friendly and the island hopping was a fantastic experience.

I travelled safe and sound throughout my whole holiday. Yes, I had seen plenty of news reports about gastro outbreaks on cruise ships. I must have been one of the lucky ones that escaped without a gastro incident just like the 1000's of others that travelled with me last year. 

I've also been to Airlie Beach and I can see the two holidays are completely different and simply can't be related to anything but saying they are both holidays.. one is mostly on land where the other is mostly on the sea.

During my travels with Carnival, I found most people nice and friendly or had travelled from overseas just to cruise. Most of the time it was just families, couples and singles wanting to have a good time and create some great memories.

Simply put if you get on a ship looking for a fight you shouldn't be there in the first place. but unfortunately, there will be dickheads no matter where we go on this planet.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Maybe don't set your database to 100% growth.

It's not a good idea to set your databases to  % growth anyway but setting them to 100% is just horrible. Every time your database has to grow when setting to 100% it will double in size a couple of those growth cycles and you'll be out of storage real soon.

Better to set to an actual MB limit based on the size of your HDD. I.e if your Database drive is 1000MB only set it to 64MB or 128MB growth. that way you can see your DB grow over time

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