Friday, March 27, 2009

Reserving future payments idea for bank accounts

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to suggest a new option for future payments.

Why can't we hold a reserve of money for scheduled payments when setting up future payments? Surely this would be a sensible option instead of late payment fees and warning users that if there are insufficient funds in the account that you'll be charged etc. I know that leaving it the way it is now would be a cash cow for a bank but I am pretty sure if you asked any user they would love to avoid insufficient funds penalties. This seems like a great way to do it helps everyone involved. The bank still has useable cash in the account until bill payment time. The end user knows a payment will go through and finally the honouring a transaction to the biller would go a long way as well. Everyone wins.

A great way to implement this would be when setting up a future transaction the user could chose option such as “ Would you like to reserve the cash amount for this future payment?” It could be a check box somewhere in the form.

Then on the main page under the account summary you could have a field that show the amount of reserved money for those future payments.

I think this would be a great idea and good way for command to make a few more friends around the place. I certainly would cringe less knowing that I future payment I setup WILL go ahead instead of having to logon again at bill time to make sure a payment went through.

Yours truly
Joe ParsonsLogic department.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Foxtel Saves You Money.

Foxtel you seriously must think people are idiots... "Sign up to PAYTV to save money". Why? I save money by not giving you my hard earned cash. You see I have a secret to revile that foxtel doesn't want us consumers to know.

My secret is that I have Free-To-Air Tv 24/7 and also the internet. Stumble/Youtube/Itunes/Joost. With those an more combined I don't need to hand over my money to watch Ad's in a format that it worse than regular TV.

and Those whom want to use PayTV why not look at the other providers of PayTV such as SelectTV as there packages are cheaper and still have all the main channels.

How consumers consume media is changing. We are entering the digtal age where everything is digtal and consumed in that format. Get with the game.

If you look at facts most of the good stuff on foxtel will cost you upwards of ove 100$ per month.. Yes you can get the basic package but to get the stuff that most people want you have to pay for it.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Going from Human-Waiting to Human-Being

Please allow me to post a quick update. I would very much like to let you know that Phoebe Elizabeth Parsons has just come to join the real world. Born on 3/3/09 @ 23:23 (hey! there all prime numbers except for the 09 of course)

We've just made it home and Phoebe is having a great little nap right now.. (So is Mum).

A massive shout-out to the following peoples as well:

Sheila (Midwife), You should rename your self to TopSheila because that's what you are. You helped us all the way along and even went beyond the call of duty to help us and for that we are so grateful. You are natural and you really do care about what you do, it shows. Thank you.

Paula (Midwife), for helping bring Phoebe into this world. you are also awesome! Thank you for dropping in afterwards after you shift to make sure we were OK. Thank you.

Amy Wakley, You are such a natural midwife and A great Friend. You helped not only Rissa but me also. I can see why Rissa keeps you as her best friend. You were there all the way along You made it so much easier for me to cope. Top honors to you my friend. and you can pretty much consider yourself an honorary Parsons as well.

Bev (Midwife), you helped Rissa make it all the way from week 1 to week 40.8. your advice has always was always spot on and when Rissa came home from every class she was always just that little more prepared for what laid ahead. Thank you.

I trust the public system not because I have to, but because of the people in it. Thank you to The Sutherland Hospital you have some of the best staff in the world.

Regards Joe Parsons

Very Proud Dad