Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Possible scam - Consumer Projects Group Australia

Today received a call asking if I would like to be paid money for doing surveys from a Consumer Projects Group Australia. They wanted to send someone to my house to interview me and show me a matrix and ask for feedback on this matrix. they promised for 20 minutes of my time I would get $35.  They then asked If I was free to have someone come around within the next few days.

I agreed to today or tomorrow as a test and they asked for an address straight away. I then changed my mind and said I was busy on those days. The lady on the phone then said "in that case, I will call you back" then promptly hung up on me without a goodbye.

The number the call came from was
 02 7713 3179

If you call that number it appears as disconnected Optus mobile number. and there isn't a clear domain or business called 'Consumer Projects Group Australia'

as of now, I wouldn't trust this caller. it just didn't sound right.

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