Friday, September 30, 2011

How to enable Skype video on the Samsung Galaxy S2 for Vodafone

Download and install Skype on your Galaxy S2.
- Start Skype, wait until the main screen of Skype opens.
- click on your option button, goto to Settings.
- Scroll down to Enable video calling and choose to enable it.
- When Skype prompts you to say "Enable video calling" click Continue.

Skype will restart and you should now have Skype Video calling on the Galaxy S2

Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to build a cheap photography backdrop for a studio

I decided to build my own photography backdrop that could be used in a variety of places (well, as long as you have a ceiling)

What you'll need:

  • 3 x Strong painters poles
  • 2 x Toilet plungers (un-used please)
  • 2 x  5-10cm Bolts 
  • 2 x Nuts to match the bolts
  • 4 x Washers
  • 2 x Face Washers (White)

  1. Start by taking a trip to Bunnings to grab the items you need (should be about 100$ depending on the price of the painters poles) 

  2.  Next grab 2 of the Painters poles and measure and drill holes in the part of the poles that extends from the tube. Make sure your holes are equal on each pole. You can see below I've put 2 holes in each pole. This is so I can have a backdrop that goes from the ceiling if needed or just halfway. 

  3. Now grab your plungers and attach them to the ends of the 2 painters poles (almost done)

  4. Now find a suitable place too construct your backdrop. extend 2 of the painters poles to the ceiling of the room. this is where you'll want to use the face washers to prevent any dirts marks from the plunger getting on the ceiling

  5. Put your bolts through the holes in each of the poles and place the last painters pole across the 2 vertical poles. 

  6. If' you have done everything right you should end up with something that resembles this.

Lay it all out. 
Drill holes in the pole

Drill holes in the pole (Closer Look)
Get the plunger head ready
Attach plunger head to pole.

Setup vertical poles, put bolt through previously drilled holes and setup crossbeam

I secured the cross pole with cabled ties

All done.

View of how it attaches to a roof (and also a Ben10)

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2 - Music / Audio / Doggcatcher randomly stops playing

Music or audio (including Doggcatcher) on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (Android) will play for a number of minutes and then randomly stop.

I have not be able to figure out the problem as yet. 

Possible fixes: 
Currently Testing - Soto Settings > Motion > Double Tap = Disable.
Results = This did not fix the issue. Music and podcasts still randomly stopped when playing.

Updated to new firmware.. Will be testing this over the next few days (Gingerbread.xxKH1)

I'll update this post again when I've finished testing over the next 48 hours. 

Update: It seems that the latest firmware may have fixed this as I have not had any music stop since updating.

Allow the user to postpone installation in SCCM - CCMEXEC.COM – System Center blog

A fellow SCCM guru "J├Ârgen Nilsson" posted as method that allows your users to postpone application deployments allowing your users to choose a better time to install software.

Allow the user to postpone installation in SCCM - CCMEXEC.COM – System Center blog:

I can see how this script is intended to work and i believe would work fairly well (haven't had a chance to test it).

The only issue I see is that when a user postpones the installation it will continue to run the postpone script in the background which is being run from a SCCM package. While the script is running in the background it will hold up some other SCCM Packages until the user accepts and finish's the current deployment packages. This is be design in SCCM so you don't end up trying to run two installations at once.

I'm all for giving users a better way to manage how they want to use workstations.

One thing to remember however long you set the script to postpone for you must also allow in the SCCM > Program settings more time for the program to run. otherwise your program will exit before the script had finished running.

I see the above issue as a very minor issue as the benefits of the script far out way the negatives impacts, so good work Jorgen. Keep it up.