Wednesday, May 31, 2006

2 goals this week...

Good One now i've blown out the average...

2 goals this week. Firstly a brillant header into the net about 25 mins into the game.

Then a fumble from the goalkeeper turned into a goal thanks to a rather hard kick on the loose ball. (i wanted to shoot the ball through the net)

eventually turned out to be a 3-3 draw

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Cat In The Hat

The Cat in the hat
Who shat in our flat

Seems everything was going well
That was until we rang the bell
And said this smell isn't good for the soul
Then said why can't he just use the bowl?

The first time we changed the litter
The cat missed and things got a little bitter.
The second time we tried results were better
The cat shat right in the bowl to the letter

Then I woke up this morning to the find


Monday, May 22, 2006


Engadine Crusaders have had there first semi win of the season. A draw to be exact.

Engadine 2-2 Bosco 2.

I scored a GOAL! yipeee

Congrates to Damo as well for scoring.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Deadly Mother's Day cocktail kills teen

Bourbon, marijuana and butane gas - a deadly cocktail that killed a 17-year-old girl on Mother's Day and left young partygoers too scared to dial triple-0.

Now this shit pisses me off.... i'll explain why in a second

He said that the girl had been unconscious but breathing when placed in the shower, and it is possible emergency services could have saved her life if contacted immediately.

Despite the negligence of the people at the party, Detective Bryson said it is unlikely anyone will be charged.

Ok, so you know the difference between right and wrong and these party goers obviously know the difference too (there actions prove this they knew it was wrong to smoke inhale and do what they were doing) but when something went wrong and someone got in trouble they looked out for number 1 and number 1 only.. a girl died because of these party peoples direct reaction to the situation.. too scared they were going to get in trouble because of what they were orgininally doing...

I'm not just pissed off at the kids either i'm pissed off at whom's responsible for the investigation as well. "Detective Bryson said it is unlikely anyone will be charged." are you an idiot? as the article also states "and it is possible emergency services could have saved her life if contacted immediately." this means if they did the right thing this girl could still be alive today (although probably with brain damage from the butane gas [more likely lack of oxygen]) and they didn't do the right thing because they knew the doign the right thing would get them in trouble this proves in itself they these kids knew what they were doing and they knew right from wrong.

bah now i'm to worked up to finish this post... so i'm just going to upload it half baked..

Monday, May 15, 2006

Hyperbolic Discounting

"Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we may die."

It's an appealing philosophy to some, but for an average person in the modern world, on any given day the utterer is roughly 26,000 times more likely to be wrong than right about tomorrow's survivability. More often than not, one must answer for all reckless consumption and merriment; yet most of us continue to make choices which are detrimental to our futures.

Hyperbolic Discounting


Monday, May 01, 2006

Because i'm tall

Being tall i get distriminated against..

Why is that when i have to stand on any sydney train i cannot stand up straight...

When i get on a Syndey bus i cannot sit down... i don't fit into the seats..

Why is it that when i want to give someone a hug i have to conform to there height? why can't they meet my expecations and grow foot or two.

When i fly on an areoplane i walk off with brusied knee's. From being crammed into a tiny seat.

When i sit in a car my head hits the roof..

its all so unfair..

Except there is one thing in my favour. I can reach the chocolate on the top shelf! :) so i Guesss its no all bad.

"I was never short. you know why? Because I always wore a tall hat" - Willy Wonka.