Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I am 'so' going to blog this when I get home.

Ok, so I sometimes fix printer faults.. you know remove paper jam's ex cetera. Well today I was fixing a LaserJet 9000MFP and found a lot of paper jammed in the fuser. when i inspected this paper after removing it the paper had dark burn marks all over it. this concerns me as i thought there might be a risk the printer catching fire if the paper were to get hot enough. So i sent the following e-mail to HP.

Subject: LaserJet 9000MFP
Message: I recently cleared a paper jam from the above MFD. I had to pull out paper from the fuser area. While inspecting the paper that i removed from the printer i noticed the paper was very yellow (burnt colour). My question is if paper jam in the fuser area occurs is there a risk of the fuser and paper causing a fire?

To my amazement HP replied the same day. But as you'll see below the response is written in HP Engrish.

Thank you for contacting HP Email support. My name is Aerosmith V and I will be assisting you regarding the HP LaserJet 9000MFP.

From your mail I understand that you want to know is the paper jam in the fuser may cause any issue in your printer.

I need to inform you that if the paper jam is continuous then it will produce the fuser risk, Might be possible it damage the fuser.

To avoid the fuser temperature please update the printer firmware with the help of mentioned below web link.

http:**link removed**
[NOTE: In case the web link(s) does not open up, kindly copy and paste it into the address bar of the web browser on your system and click on GO.]

Check how it works and let me know the result.

Please update the case at your earliest convenience, we would be glad to assist you.

For any further inquiry, kindly let me know the 10 or 12 digit Serial number (like CJK35121L4 or 7039FOPH6242) and 6 or 7 digit alphanumeric Product Number (like DP613V) of the product with which you have the query. This will help us assist you in better way.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

What a way to avoid the question.. It still doesn't answer my question will this printer catch fire?