Monday, September 14, 2020

Pixel 2 XL reboots when plugged into charger (or shortly after being plugged in)

So my trusty Pixel 2 XL started resetting whenever plugged into a charger. It would reset and then show the charging battery logo on the screen along with a small bunch of white lines at the top of the screen. 
It also turns out my phone would reset with any charger I tried, be it the one next to the bed, the one in the car, or the USB C power plug in the kitchen. So with every charger now being an issue, I suspected the phone was at fault. 

As always If you attempt this fix it's at your own risk. If you try this and break your phone further it's not my fault.

Here is what I did to fix this issue on my Pixel 2 XL: 
- Start by turning the phone off. We are going to clean the charging port. 
- Use a pin or a needle to remove the gunk jammed into the charging port. Get out all that lint from putting your phone in your pocket. Be careful not to break anything in the port as you'll then have other issues to deal with.
- Next, grab an alcohol wipe and gently use the needle and the wipe to clean the internal contacts inside the charging port. I had to use the needle very gently to push a small part of the wipe into the charging port and then used the needle to push the wipe around and clean the contacts. A surprising amount of black gunk was wiped off the contacts. 
- Allow your phone charging port to dry out before turning your phone back on. 
- When ready turn your phone back on and use it until the battery runs completely flat (0%) 
- Now put it on charge and leave it to charge for a full cycle (from 0% to 100%).  Turn your phone on and see how you go

two-week update, after two weeks the issue came back on a wet camping weekend. So I took the drastic step of backup and factory reset. This has seemed to work but I will monitor it again for the next few weeks. 

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Friday, January 31, 2020

How to move/switch XBOX's in the Google assistant

So you replaced an Xbox with a new one and now you can't get the google assistant to work?

1. Logon to your New Xbox and then go to settings > Devices & Streaming > Digital assistants  > Enable Digital assistants.
2. Now, set up a new device in Google home on your phone (link your Xbox service)
3. Profit.

How to remove the old device?
Turn your old Xbox back on, disable the digital assistant instead of enabling it.

What do I do if I don't have my old Xbox?
NFI? Pray to Microsoft? Call for support?