Friday, April 24, 2009

PSA - Batteries

To whom is interested. Let it be known that batteries are a consumable resource just like ink in your printer.

You don't log warranty calls when your printer runs out of ink. You just buy more ink and put it in the printer. A similar case is like your car you don't take it back to the vendor and ask for more petrol when it's empty you go an buy more petrol for your car.

Batteries DIE all the time, which is why you need to buy new ones. They all have limited lifecycles. There is no such thing as a perfect battery that never dies they will all break at sometime. It is in the nature of the chemical reaction that is going on inside the battery.

P.S. someone e-mail me when they do design the perfect battery. I want to buy millions.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Jenny McCarthy bodycount

I had the chance to see this lady on telly this morning she was on NBC promoting a book on why you should not vaccinate your child.

dead set if you do a little research on her you'll find that she is just plan wrong and pretty much bases her entire case on a sample data of ONE. that's right. Just because she believe it worked for her means that it should work for the entire planet.

People like here peddling her wares to stupid people make people die because of stupid ill-informed choices.

fair enough if you don't want to vaccinate your kid that's your choice just please never say to me " I chose to not vaccinate my kid because of what Jenny McCarthy showed me"