Monday, May 01, 2006

Because i'm tall

Being tall i get distriminated against..

Why is that when i have to stand on any sydney train i cannot stand up straight...

When i get on a Syndey bus i cannot sit down... i don't fit into the seats..

Why is it that when i want to give someone a hug i have to conform to there height? why can't they meet my expecations and grow foot or two.

When i fly on an areoplane i walk off with brusied knee's. From being crammed into a tiny seat.

When i sit in a car my head hits the roof..

its all so unfair..

Except there is one thing in my favour. I can reach the chocolate on the top shelf! :) so i Guesss its no all bad.

"I was never short. you know why? Because I always wore a tall hat" - Willy Wonka.

1 comment :

  1. You think you have it bad-

    You put things up so high on the shelves I have bruises from climbing up the kitchen benches.

    You take up so much room I have learned to sleep in a ball!!

    But on the upside my foot arches are alot stronger due to being forced on to my tippy toes everytime I want a kiss...