Monday, March 09, 2009

Foxtel Saves You Money.

Foxtel you seriously must think people are idiots... "Sign up to PAYTV to save money". Why? I save money by not giving you my hard earned cash. You see I have a secret to revile that foxtel doesn't want us consumers to know.

My secret is that I have Free-To-Air Tv 24/7 and also the internet. Stumble/Youtube/Itunes/Joost. With those an more combined I don't need to hand over my money to watch Ad's in a format that it worse than regular TV.

and Those whom want to use PayTV why not look at the other providers of PayTV such as SelectTV as there packages are cheaper and still have all the main channels.

How consumers consume media is changing. We are entering the digtal age where everything is digtal and consumed in that format. Get with the game.

If you look at facts most of the good stuff on foxtel will cost you upwards of ove 100$ per month.. Yes you can get the basic package but to get the stuff that most people want you have to pay for it.

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