Monday, July 18, 2005

Bloody council workers...

Just read rissa post, good work except she used a swear word or two, i noticed the obsseen use of the word "wedding".

hmmm nothing else much to say... so i'm outa here...

or am i? brain has gone fingers are still here..

Brain: why are my fingers still typing words on the screen arn't they sick of typing all day long? maybe there just trying to get a work out or something? who knows. who cares... i think those fingers of mine will get tired soon and stop writing this bullshit i'm reading on my screen...

ohhhohhh fingers taking over..

Fingers: we now have control of your typing Joe, don't try to stop us becasue there's ten of us and only one brain.. we have the numbers

Brain: well i think you actually have eight fingers and 2 thumbs but who's counting.

Fingers: shut up.. we can still beat you.

Brain: as if, i control you fingers and you are not going to take over...

Fingers: Watch me.. i mean us. watch us..

Brain: you haven't done anything yet...

Fingers: just you wait.. don't ever fall asleep brain. then we'll get you remember and you can't stay awake forever!!! hahaa

Brain: fingers can't laugh..

Fingers; we can't talk either but you don't seem to mind.

Brain; shut up..

Tune in next week as our freind the immuine system decides that joe is in fact a virus and therfore causes a self destruct sequence that causes a massive implosion...

can joe's brain save him from self destructness? an will joe's fingers really take over when joe sleeps....

tune in next week.

hmm maybe not i'll be at the snow..!!! cheers everyone!

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  1. i have a similar problem,,i like typing it gives me exercise,yet sometimes i just dangle there doing nothing,,i don't really mind what i type just as long as i type,,,it gets boring sometimes and sometimes i have to be put into kangeroo meat.sometimes i get to do cool stuff like touch boobs but not very often,,,well looks like i have to go now
    from damiens fingers