Monday, June 20, 2005

I've got all the time in the world and i still can't be botherd posting.

Or spell checking for that matter.

Anyway life seems so busy that i don't in fact make any time to post... yeah right... i've got all the time in the world but can't be stuffed.. tis such an aussie thing to seem really busy but in fact the only thing you end up doing on the weekend is playing grand theft auto on the modded xbox...

at least there is the snow in the next few weeks and a week off work after we all come back.. somthing i call the recovery week.

when i come back from the snow i think i might have to organise a camping trip... good ole fashion piss up and a fire... its always good value. just don't forget the beer and a can opener or we're all stuffed..

if you think a weekend camping trip might be a good idea e-mail me a and we'll get it organised.

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