Monday, October 17, 2005

Lets make it offical.

Well its about time we make this offical. well this is a offical as it going to get because a few people do read my blog once in a while. (I have stats to prove this!)

I bought a home! yippee now i deck it out with all kinds of yuppee stuff like a couch and a popcorn machine (I don't even like popcorn much).

i have a few surprises for the home... i don't think any home is ever ready for joe to move into...
in fact i don't think our neigbours are prepared for Joe yet either.

Joe's apartment will not be like this

However it may end up looking like this!


  1. Definatly the couch.... and the goldfish in a blender..... POPCORN MACHINE????? how about a sandwich toaster?

  2. "a new home" sounds like a good excuse for a party.