Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sick once again

I have a cold once again! Farkin hell.

I hate colds... uncontrollable fits of coughing and lack of sleep.

I'm taking cough syrup with pseudoephedrine (sue-do-ef-a-dreen)which means I’m not hungry during the day. At least with the cough syrup I feel like I’m floating on water. But then again not to have a cold would be best...

I’ve done nothing at all pretty much all week long... I’ve just sat at home except for Wednesday when I decided I should go to work. I lasted until 12 until I was sent home by my boss!

And you know what? I reckon I received this cold from cityrail... tangara trains aren’t great at moving air about and they become incubators for flu and cold spawns...

If you are sick the solution is simple DO NOT CATCH MY TRAIN.... you know who you are... (Although I doubt you even read my blog) If you want to share something with the population go round giving dollar coins to people... you'll get smiles from people instead of my death stare after you cough up a lung onto the seat in front of you.

Anyway I’m sick and now I play the waiting game to get better. Back off everyone I’m drugged up and infectious.

p.s yes this post was created while on a sue-do-ef-a-dreen high.

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