Thursday, August 25, 2005

Master Mind The Evil Game

I know this is a double post of a photo, but I couldn't help it. In the photo I seem a quite confident and hiding something in my hand... right that's the easy part of the game... i have the code and Nathan has to try and break it. Easy done... Nathan’s pretty good at guessing combos and revealed my secret code pretty quickly.

Now my turn...

You would think me being a computer guy it would be fairly easy for me to see codes and combinations? Yeah right... when playing this game all I could see was 64 different combinations all at once... ARRGHHHH I have 12 guesses to get a 4 colour code correct... this seemed all to much for me as I can't figure this out... my head melts and goes in to surrender mode where I can only see 63 combinations left after one guess. AHHHHHHH... fuck I hate this game... you'll never see me playing master-mind ever again... I felt exhausted after 3 games.

How about a nice game of lemmings? Now that's cool fun...

The worst game in the world..

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