Friday, December 09, 2005

The Retravision experience:

I recently bought a new home and have not had any troubles at all with anything in regards to getting setup in my new home... that was until I decided to buy something from Retravision Bankstown...

What a Joke! Seriously this was one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever come across.

I purchase an FP Upside down fridge and also a NEC 1065 washing machine.

Now let me begin to explain what happened.

Two weeks before I moved to my new place I called to confirm that we could have delivery on Saturday the 26th of Nov, as this was the day we were moving in. I was promptly told that Retravision do not deliver to that area on a Saturday. My first question is why hadn't I been informed of this during the purchase after giving them my address details that day. Retravision Bankstown informed me that they only deliver to the Sutherland area once per week and only a Friday, which is a normal business day for us 9-5 people. I don't believe it to be an unreasonable expectation to have a fridge delivered on a weekend as this would be when most people do there home stuff anyway.

I decided that it would be easier to go and get the products on the Saturday myself after Retravision was NOT able to meet my expectations for delivery. Retravision did their part and refunded me the delivery cost and we picked up the products as agreed. So far only a minor inconvenience.

After getting the products inside and unpacking as instructed by the boxes. I setup the fridge no worries it’s a great fridge and I like it. Then we setup the washing machine.

During the first use of the washing machine I came back into the washing room to find an E8 being displayed on the machine.
I looked up the manual and did not find anything to do with that error. So I called NEC and was advised that it was stuffed.

I then called Retravision whom said that would need to have someone to come out and actually inspect the washing machine to see if its actually broken. I was given a choice of 2 service repairers in Sydney and had to call and organise them myself
I called the repairers and was advised that someone could come out the Friday. The guy from Sydney Home Appliances came out and took about 5 mins to find out the machine was in fact broken and should bee classed a DOA as this would cost to much to fix.

This is when I called Retravision back and said that it was dead and we would like the machine replaced. I was advised that there were none in stock and that I could have the floor model... I declined the floor model as this is technically now a factory second and to offer us a factory second without further discounts or a value added service is a joke... it was agreed that a new washing machine would be ordered.

Last Tuesday I called to get an update and was told the washing machine was still on order and should arrive on Wednesday.

Wednesday I was called by Retravision and asked when i wanted delivery... I said Saturday because that's when I wanted delivery. I was then told we can only deliver it this Friday or the next Friday... (You I found that funny because the guy actually asked when I wanted delivery and then I was told only those specific days. why ask that question in the first place)

Then I was told 33$ for delivery... what a joke.

We have now paid for delivery of a replacement washing machine that was faulty in the first place. Where are your value added services? I find it unbelievable that we had to pay for the replacement of a faulty washing machine. Again what a joke.
The replacement washing machine has already done 2 loads (there is 2 weeks of washing built up. I was on my last clean pair of work pants as well!! )

So in summary I am very disappointed and agitated by my experience with Retravision for the following reasons.

Issue 1:
Retravision was not able to meet what I think to be a reasonable deliver request. If you can't deliver to a specific place upon request (a whole day I didn't care what time) you should of done a lot better by telling us during the purchasing process.

Issue 2:
It took over 2 weeks to get a replacement washing machine when the first one was DOA.

Issue 3:
You charged us to replace a faulty washing machine... if you guys had a chance to redeem yourselves this would of been the perfect opportunity. You could of said as a value added service and in place of your inconvenience we have waived the delivery fee in you case. I would of been perfectly happy with that.

Issue 4:
When the replacement washing arrived my girlfriend were told by the delivery “I had been told that this had been a bit shit fight and that we are trouble makers and I have to get the money off you”

I have tried to be as honest as I can in this feedback in the hope that you can better your customer service and business practices because at the moment I find it very hard to recommend any products and services from Retravision in fact its very easy to let story be told and let my family my friends and my co-workers make up there own minds about purchasing any products and services from any Retravision.

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