Monday, October 16, 2017

Nexus 6P battery issue

I had two active Nexus 6P's that were used daily and then over a course of about two weeks the batteries started dying and the phone would turn off at 70% and then wouldn't turn back on until a charger was plugged in. a quick google search for the issue showed I wasn't the only one.

I returned both phones for service only to be told that the phones are fine and that it's a software issue, not a battery issue. I was told the next update would fix the issue. I hardly see how the next SECURITY update is going to address a physical battery defect.  Especially since this phone was at the end of it's supported update cycle from google.

I ended up using my consumer guarantee to get full refunds because the batteries only lasted a year and bit.

The funny things were this had been the best phone I'd ever used. They were perfect for my use and just worked and worked until the battery issue.

I'd put this down to a case of a great product with crap company service.

Now I'm on to the search for a new android phone

RIP Nexus 6P where you end up. (probably resold after someone manually changes the battery)

This is also a perfect case for why we should have user changeable batteries

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