Saturday, September 30, 2017

Going back in time in Android

So my Nexus 6P crapped out with the same fault all other nexus 6P's have been having (battery dead). This means I had to borrow a loaner phone from someone to stay connected over the weekend.  I've now switched to a Samsung Note 1

Things I miss or that have improved since the Note 1:
- Fast 4G.
- A notification light
- Camera night photos
- The speed of the phone (it takes 2 minutes to load Google Maps)
- Being able to say OK Google, do my bidding.
- Being able to load several apps at a time without the phone slowing to a crawl.
- Newer OS
- Fingerprint reader

After 3 days with the Samsung Galaxy Note 1, I am ready to microwave the damn thing.

3G is very slow and the phone was even slower.

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