Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Happy Tree and Friends Sounds pretty nice right? Watch it... And then your mind will be changed. Foe

Mel's Christmas party is on again this year.. 4th of December if I can remember correctly.. Looking forward to it... Who knows maybe mexcian Stilt walking man will make an appearance this year? (yeah right and maybe Joe will learn how to juggle)

This weekend coming up is Booie & Shellies party its someone birthday... bah! Its always someone's birthday! it all to hard to keep up with... Luckily my PA Dannii sends me reminders once in a while.

The Misfits suffered an angry loss last night As well.. 3-2. A late goal to opposition after the final siren... Wasn't the cleanest game we had but it was still fun.. A very flukky goal to Damo (personally I think he carried it across the line).

Next week can we get a bigger cheersquad? Rissa is getting lonely by herself out there..

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