Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Pixel 2 XL - Boot loop issue

My wife's brand new Pixel 2 XL (2 weeks old) decided it would be really fun to get itself stuck in a boot loop. Wife looked down at phone to see it rebooting and thought that was odd. left it alone for an hour while stayed stuck on the 'G' boot screen with a scrolling progress bar.

About an hour later I got to look at it and talk to google support. they just advised to get into the recovery screen and try a 'shutdown'. This didn't fix the issue. Google then offered to replace the device saying there was a hardware issue.

I ended up resolving the issue before having to replace the phone. I had to wipe all the user data and do a factory reset from the recovery bootloader and this allowed the phone to boot correctly.

Total damage:
- Lost some photos and videos from that day
- Had to reload EVERYTHING again.
- Major pain in the ass.
- Confidence has been lost in this google product. Will this issue happen again?

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