Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Google Why did you take a simple messaging platform and make messaging so hard?

In the beginning there was SMS.

Then data plans exploded. There was now SMS and IM.

So google brought out Gchat and SMS functions to Android.

After a while a very smart cookie in google said  "IM is very much like SMS why don't we combine the both into one?" shortly after that Hangouts is what came from that.

I was happy, I could see all my SMS and IM in the one conversation.

Then google decided that this needed to change..

So Google brought out Allo, Duo, and Messenger.

No longer would I have conversations in one place like Hangouts, I had to open separate apps once again.  I now have to open different apps to talk to someone using Allo too.

This is how Google took a superb  product and did it's normal thing of retiring an app and replacing it with a less functional different product.

Bring back combined SMS And IM please google.

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