Thursday, November 17, 2016

Android Auto, now on your phone.

I've now had a chance to use Android Auto on my Nexus 6P for the past week and can say that this is the way your phone should behave when driving.

First up this makes the android interface for you phone very simplistic. The interface is reduced to only what you need to three sections recent contacts, navigation and music apps.The text interface becomes bigger and everything on the phone is easier to see and read. The home and navigation buttons also become larger.

Best part about Android Auto is that your voice is the now the main interaction instead of touch. Just yell out "Ok,Google navigate to work" and then a few seconds later navigation is up and running on your phone. Want to listen to music while you drive? Just yell out "Ok google, Play Music".

If you get an message while driving Auto can read it out for you and let you reply without even touching your phone. You can also configure auto replies to let people know your driving if you want.

Updated 21/11/2016: You can now have Android Auto read out your Facebook messages too.

You can also for Android Auto specify that when you connect to specific Bluetooth device automatically start Android Auto and the application will then only start if you remove the phone from your pocket and wake  up the screen (won't start if you leave it in your pocket which is really handy)

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