Monday, September 23, 2013

Citrix Forums : Receiver 4 USB Power Issues ...

Just keep an eye for this issue.. if you install v14.0.0.91 of Citrix Receiver on XP you may find that the electrical current rating for your USB ports dropping from 500ma to 100ma. This is not enough current to run anything beyond a USB keyboard.

There is an updated version of the c:\windows\system32\drivers\ctxusbm.sys floating around that fixes the issue on XP devices. Contact your citrix support to obtain the updated file. We replaced the file and rebooted the issue is fixed on XP devices.

Citrix Forums : Receiver 4 USB Power Issues ...:

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  1. Hi,

    We open a support case for 3 customers that have the issue 3 days ago. The engineers of Citrix Support have no information about this fix. Can you give us information about your case, the ID of the fix. Can you eventually send us the fix.

    My email : vso[at]d-fi[dot]fr

  2. I am currently checking with Citrix to see if I can post it here. In the meantime I suggest contacting Citrix again. Someone in there sent us the file so someone in Citrix has to know about this issue.

  3. Hi Joe, can you please attach the fix file to your blog. Thanks.

  4. Has anyone heard anything more about this?

  5. It did fix my issue. The file you need should be available from Citrix.

  6. THX Joe problem solved, An old ctxusbm.sys solved my problem !
    And yes I am using XP.

  7. Joe, Do you still have the private fix for the above issue that you can send me? We have some XP PC's that require Receiver but we now face the USB power issue. Do not want to do a cmdline install of Receiver as a work around. Thx