Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Power Consumption in TV's vs overall cost.

"One other trade-off against LCD is that the TV uses considerably more power. Samsung rates this TV at 4.5 stars. Our measures suggested 5.5. Either way, this is much less than current model LCDs, which are typically rated at 7 or 8 stars. This TV might cost you something like AU$100 a year more to run."
That above quote says that running a plasma TV is will cost you more per year to run and this is generally true. But then you have to factor in the original purchase price as well. have a look at the catalogue below. To Purchase the series 8 plasma it's $1996 and the series 8 LED is $3796  this plays a part in to factoring how much that TV will cost you over its lifetime..

It's still cheaper in this case to buy the plasma as even if you get 10 years out of the plasma you still come in cheaper over all when you factor in original purchase price and running costs.

What I am trying to say is that even though running costs of LED's are probably cheaper the total cost of ownership still ways towards purchasing a plasma at this stage.

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