Wednesday, May 09, 2012

SCCM Distribution error "SMS distribution manager failed to process package" Message ID 2302

I was trying to update a package on a DP (Distribution Point) but the package kept failing with "SMS distribution manager failed to process package" Message ID 2302.  This error was only occurring one distribution point the rest were fine.

Taking a look into the distmgr.log on your SCCM sever showed me where the error was.

This particular package was failing to package up a Thumbs.db file (which it shouldn't be doing anyway) so I went to the source  files and deleted the file Thumbs.db and tried sending out the package again. This time it worked.

More Information:

List of Log Files in Configuration Manager 2007

What is Thumbs.db (windows thumbnail cache)

Other Users have also come across this issue:

I'm thinking about disabling the thumbs.db on the SCCM servers to prevent this from occurring again or Social Technet discussion 

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