Monday, March 19, 2012

ObjFSO.FilesCopy Permission Denied from SCCM

I had an 'Permission Denied' VB script issue last week. The script was trying to copy over an existing file in the windows installer directory.

The problem only occurred when we ran the script through SCCM. Manually the script would work fine without issue. 

I figured out the problem with the assistance of Paul Chen (Sydney based app packager). The issue turned out to be that if the file is set to 'read only' in windows you can't copy straight over the top of  the file using VB script   in an SCCM program. 


Delete the file before copying over the new file. 
Remove the 'Read Only' checkbox from  the file before overwriting the file. 

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  1. Thanks. I had the same issue with a copy command in a batch file and SCCM 2007.