Monday, November 21, 2011

Lotus Notes 8.X (8.5.2) Must run as admin on first launch

For some reason I am seeing that if you install Lotus Notes 8.5.2  via SCCM while a standard user is logged on when they first run the new version of Notes the ecllipse section never successfully finishes installing and the user is left with an endless notes loading screen.

Willing to bet though, this is a permissions issues as any user that is a local admin doesn't have this problem. 

I'm hoping someone at IBM might see this and comment. 

Yep, I was right... give 'user' or 'Authenticated user' 'Modify' rights to the c:\notes\framework folder and files (and sub folders) this will fix your issue.


  1. Joe,
    thanks a lot you saved my day!
    I tried desperately to install Notes 8.5.3 on a Xenapp 6.5 server.
    Assigning modify rights to the ...\framework folder did the trick. After that the first user starting Notes created 116 Subfolders in the framework folder.

    Cheers, Gerhard

  2. No Problem. glad to see my post helped with your issue.