Friday, July 29, 2011

InstallSheild Error -3 - Missing Setup.iss

I've seen this a few times when you try and run a Setup.exe in silent mode and all  you get is error -3 at  the end of it.

What install shield is errors on -3 it's trying to tell you it doesn't know how to install silently because it doesn't have the instructions to do so.

You will need to do 2 pieces of work to resolve this.

First - Record a new setup.iss file:
We will need to record a new setup.iss file in order to be able to tell the installer what the silent install instructions are.

  1. Create a shortcut to the setup.exe 
  2. Modify the  properties of the shortcut 
  3. Append to the end of the target line  i.e setup.exe /r /f2"c:\setup.iss"
  4. Then install the software by launching the shortcut this will create the setup.iss file in c:\windows (if you leave off  the /f2 option the setup.iss file will be created in c:\windows\temp\setup.iss
  5. Copy the setup.iss file to the same directory as the setup.exe

Now we need to tell setup.exe to install silently and also tell it to use the newly created setup.iss file
  1. Create a new shortcut to the setup.exe (rename it to Install_silent or something)
  2. Modify the  properties of the shortcut
  3. Append to the end of the target line  i.e setup.exe /S /f1"setup.iss"
  4. Execute the installer and this should work fine.
Installsheild doco indicates that you can just place the setup.iss in the same directory as the setup.exe and then when you launch the setup.exe it will just find the setup.iss if it exists. I've found this to be true for some packages and not true for other so naming the setup.iss directly seems to work for me most times. 

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