Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wii Virtual Console issues on HD TV's in Australia (PAL users)

I recently downloaded Super Mario 3 for the NES on the Wii. No problem using it on my smaller TV but when it came to the 50" HD plasma it would display "Mode Not Supported" turns out that nintendo doesn't do 50Hz TV to well through component video.

We can fix  this by enabling "component video mode" in some games..

  1. Go into the operations manual for the game. 
  2. Then hit Z+A+2

more info here.

and here

Wii Component Cable Interlace mode
The mode can be enabled by accessing the operations guide of the game, and (with the Nunchuk attached) pressing the buttons Z + A + 2 simultaneously.
The mode can be disabled by using the same method, but with the button combination Z + A + 1 instead.

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