Thursday, July 16, 2009

HP laserjet 'Scan to E-mail' slows my printer down (9050,9040,9000)

Problem: i've just configured my printer to use scan to e-mail and now the interface is slow and printing is slowed down.

Reason: If the you have your main server entered as DNS hostname or alais of that hostname it slows the printer down as it has to resolve the name to an IP address.. I heavn't exactly nutted out if this is a HP or DNS issue just yet.

Enter the 'Device's SMTP Gateway:' on the send mail tab of the digital sending area as the IP of your mail server and not the hostname

i.e If it was SMTPBLAHBLAH.JOEJOEINC.COM change that to the IP address of the mail server instead and click apply (no need to reboot the printer).

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