Thursday, May 01, 2008


I've been using Ubuntu for about 7-8 months now.. the previous release to Hardy Herron was great... i log on i do some work i play a game and i test stuff and 99% of the time it worked... constant updates from ubuntu were great as well. I was very impressed. add functionality to Ubuntu was made even easy by using the Add/Remove applications program... simply search for what you want and then install.

I was living the Linux dream or at least i was until i tried t upgrade to 8.04 Hardy Herron.

First i tried the in line upgrade... it went smooth right up to 90% and then said there is an error and if you reboot your pretty much going to have a stuffed PC. (which turned out to be true i could not longer log on to ubuntu after rebooting)

So I downloaded the ISO from IINET and installed from CD. Great! it worked but I've lost all my previous configuration and programs.

then i tried to install a flash plugin for Ubuntu.. GRRRRR more frustration.

80% through the install is halted the GUI and i had to reboot and try again except this time I was not able to to run the installer because the installer database had become corrupt. Lucky Hardy Herron in the error message told me what to do (buggered if they couldn't actually program it to do that for me though). Open a terminal and type DPKG --Configure -A.... errr you do not have enough rights to do this. GRRRr. OK so I'll SU to root... Errr no can do...
turns out through using the help the correct way to repair the installed DB is to open terminal and type SUDO DPKG --Configure -A (SU for that command only).

After going through all that Hardy is now running OK. So far. I think. heck I'm not a Linux user.

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