Thursday, June 07, 2007

How to iron a shirt with a broken iron.

This morning my iron decided to get cranky and short curcuit causing an electricity short in my house. This also had the net effect of leaving me standing in the dark until I flipped the curcuit breaker back on. I was unable to iron my only shirt for work, or so I thought.

Its early in the morning and my brain is clear of all thoughts except how they hell am I going to iron a shirt without an iron? that's when my thoughts turned to the kitchen (possibly because i was hungry as well).

I figure if you heat up your hotplate and then put the iron on it for a while you end up with a hot iron that you can use to iron your shirt with..

I was right! I am currently wearing a nicely ironed shirt.

a few pointers if your going to try this at home..
- A hotplate gets much hotter than an iron so don't heat up the iron to much.
- water in the iron will try and get out when you use the iron... so empty the water first unless you like a wet shirt.

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