Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Remember if you do everything right. No one will be sure you've done anything at all"

IT support field is a fickle thing. If you do a great job at fixing a problem then in theory that problem should not come back. That is where the problem lies, if you do a great job then you shouldn't have any problems and therefore you'll put yourself out of a job.

Of course if you take the above statement and look at it from a different angle you can pull out a entirely different meaning i.e a Business Model. This then leads me to a another statement I've seen around the place. "If you not part of the solution ,then theres good money to be made in prolonging the problem"

In reality the situation is this.. we design new more complex computer systems each year. yet no matter how complex we make these system we still need a human to operate and maintain them.

and as with all computer systems (mostly due to there complexity) something, sometime, somewhere will break and you will need a human to fix it.

lets just hope the guy whom fixes it is one the ones that sit on my side of the fence. (I don't like seeing problems come back).

Until next time Caio!

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  1. Whilst i mostly agree about putting someone out of a job if you do your job really well..... i like to think that you are creating a job somewhere else.

    e.g. Assume you have a job which is part support and part development. In theory once you fix all the outstanding bugs in your current system, everything will be cruising along smoothly. This then gives you the free time to explore new and better ways of doing things with your current system that you always kind of knew could be done, but you spent so much time fixing old issues you never had the time to do anything that would actually ADD VALUE to the business. After that comes the Holy Grail where you actually get a minute to stop and look around and see if things are being done better elsewhere and then try and implement that system.... Which leads you back to the start - but at least by now you should be on a much higher level than the previous iteration