Friday, August 25, 2006

Technology at its best

Ok so I found this a few years ago but haven't got around to posting about it till today... How has technology made your life easier?

- I pay bills online
- I have an always on internet connection
- I can check my weather using my TV
- I can play any old Sega snes games on my TV
- We have multiple computers which allow more than one user to be using the internet at one time.
- My mobile phone means I can be in contact wherever I am and at any time
- I use to be able to check my bank account balance online

Technology I want:
- Roomba Automated vacum cleaning robot
- The new Lego Robotics kit ( so I can make robots that annoy my cat!)
- a Big widescreen TV
- A media centre PC (to replace VCR and DVD player)
- A new games console that is a flexable as my current one (go to hell xbox360)

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