Wednesday, January 18, 2006

generally speaking.

Long time no post... but I assure you I am actually still here.

It’s a new year and it seems that that I’m settling into owning our first home. the repayments have started.. The first monthly payment have been ok so far but ask me again in few months and see if I’m still so happy about paying off a home loan.

On to fortune telling;
It seems that I able to some what know what is going to happen in the future. my mum would say this is because I’m psychic but i would tend to think that guess in the future is more of a calculated guess. Let me demonstrate.

We went to visit someone in hospital tonight, (don't worry whom we where visiting is fine) actually it was Sutherland hospital to be exact... floor 2 in one of the wards.
Now on entering the building I said to Rissa "I have a feeling we are going to run into my ex tonight" and guess what? We flaming well did.

We were sitting there talking with the patient in his room and then suddenly my ex appeared in the door way to chat to the patient, she stood there for about 10 seconds and then saw Rissa and I sitting at the end of the room. apon seeing me she left straight away... point is I said this would happen before it actually did.

Was I able to read in to the future? I think not.. And here's why.
I was previewed to information that my ex actually worked at this particular hospital.
I also know that nurses work shifts 3 to be exact. Day evening and night... so there would be a one in 3 chace that she would be working at that particular time.

Sounds like i had a fairly good chance at guessing this particular example but then again here is some other facts that you may not know. Sutherland hospital is big... I 4 floors hundreds of rooms... and there a tonne of wards. This makes the chance of me guessing this particular example a lot less.

Point is 2 things happened to me tonight I guessed the future and the second is I don’t like seeing people in hospitals. People don’t go to hospitals because they are well they go there because they are sick.

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